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The Princess visits Newcastle

Flying all night, plunged into Ireland, bright green, sunny, warm. Sheep. Five women, a driver, a guide(men). Whisked through the countryside to the Newcastle, right on the ocean, tucked under mountains. Miles of beach and dunes. A large red brick, railroad motel, elegant, and perched on the ocean shore. Off to a seaweed bathouse. Two … Continue reading

From two tires to a jet

I am sitting in the Dublin airport reflecting on this great trip to Ireland. In the last few days I managed to meet up with the Princess in a beautiful Irish country manor, ride the amazing north coast, tour an ancient castle and cycle along some of the most rugged rocky coastline in Ireland. My … Continue reading

Pedaling On

I awoke in a very clean relaxing bed not feeling well. I seriously considered booking in for another night, but instead I forced down a large Irish breakfast and saddled up. I managed 18 miles to Castlederg and another 15 to Strabane. It was now late in the afternoon and we (my bike and I) … Continue reading

Bike Routes in the Republic

Ireland has the most amazing set of cycle routes that criss cross the country. They mostly avoid heavy traffic areas which is a good thing considering the narrow road shoulders and the pace of traffic. After trying to do justice to a gigantic Irish breakfast, I set off, the wind in my face and the … Continue reading