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The Princess visits Newcastle

Flying all night, plunged into Ireland, bright green, sunny, warm. Sheep. Five women, a driver, a guide(men). Whisked through the countryside to the Newcastle, right on the ocean, tucked under mountains. Miles of beach and dunes. A large red brick, railroad motel, elegant, and perched on the ocean shore. Off to a seaweed bathouse. Two … Continue reading

From two tires to a jet

I am sitting in the Dublin airport reflecting on this great trip to Ireland. In the last few days I managed to meet up with the Princess in a beautiful Irish country manor, ride the amazing north coast, tour an ancient castle and cycle along some of the most rugged rocky coastline in Ireland. My … Continue reading

Pedaling On

I awoke in a very clean relaxing bed not feeling well. I seriously considered booking in for another night, but instead I forced down a large Irish breakfast and saddled up. I managed 18 miles to Castlederg and another 15 to Strabane. It was now late in the afternoon and we (my bike and I) … Continue reading

Bike Routes in the Republic

Ireland has the most amazing set of cycle routes that criss cross the country. They mostly avoid heavy traffic areas which is a good thing considering the narrow road shoulders and the pace of traffic. After trying to do justice to a gigantic Irish breakfast, I set off, the wind in my face and the … Continue reading

Travel to Colombia

There will be more words about a recent walk I took in Colombia to see the Ciudad Perdida ( The Lost City).  We had the privilege of walking on land that is well protected by the indigenous Kogi, direct descendants of the Tyrona, who originally inhabited these lands. Their beliefs sing about  protecting the land they … Continue reading